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How To Choose A Tattoo That’s Right For You

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Tattoos are beautiful – no question (at least not for us)! But how do you find a good tattoo that is right for you – and that you’ll still be happy with in the future? Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to deal with this question.

In our Advice Hub article, we show you how to choose the right tattoo for you that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Finding the correct reason for your tattoo

The first step is to understand your motivations. There are many reasons to want a tattoo, yet you should know what drives you. Do you want to capture a memory, or have you seen a tattoo on someone that fascinated you? Or is there a particular tattoo trend that you want to jump on?

It’s totally OK if that’s the case, but be smart about it. A few years ago, it was trendy to have a lower back tattoo, now most people regret it. You definitely don’t want that in a few years. That’s why it’s important to do some soul-searching and be sure that you really want this tattoo now and in the long run.

To come straight to the point, the name of your newly in love partner is certainly not a good idea. Neither are the lyrics of a current radio hit; this can be a pleasant or not so pleasant reminder for the future. A cover-up is always possible, but there are many other fantastic designs that you will undoubtedly like better over time. Especially with lettering, it’s better to think twice about whether you’ll still like it many years from now.

If you’re not 100% sure you should get this tattoo . . . then don’t and wait until you have found the right reason.

The right place for your tattoo

Once you are clear about your intentions, you should think about the right place for your tattoo; no, we’re not talking about physical tattoo shop location; we mean where you would like the tattoo to be roughly placed on your body because the design depends on this.

If you cannot have visible tattoos because of your job or other reasons, you should choose a place that you can cover with clothes (even in summer). Remember that the tattoo will be with you for life, no matter where life takes you.

If you want your tattoo to be visible pretty much all the time, then (lower) arms, hands and neck are good places for your tattoo. But if you prefer to decide when and to whom your tattoo is visible, then a tattoo on your legs, feet or torso is a better choice.

The upper arms are a fantastic and hugely popular place, as you can cover them with a T-shirt even in summer. If you want to show your tattoo in this area, you can choose a shorter version or a sleeveless T-shirt.

The right design for your tattoo

Now it gets exciting. After careful consideration, once you have chosen a place, it’s time to start thinking about the tattoo design. Maybe you already have an idea in mind that you want to realise. Or you may have chosen a design already. Please note that you should not simply copy a beautiful tattoo. If you have seen something you like, you should use it to inspire your tattoo – not to emulate.

After all, you are unique – and your tattoo should be too!

Your tattoo artist will be happy to help you create a design that is better suited to you and that you will love forever. If you don’t have an idea, you can also look for a tattoo artist whose style you like and ask them for his ‘WannaDos’ (ready-made design templates that they would like to tattoo). Maybe there is something for you!

Also, think about the colours in your tattoo. Black tattoos are best for areas of the body exposed to the sun from time to time (never forget your sunblock!). They have the highest contrast and still look good when they have faded a bit. This is usually not the case with colour tattoos.

To test whether a design harmonises with your chosen body part and if you like it on your skin, you can print out the design and hold it against the place in question or attach it with adhesive tape to get a better impression. Before tattooing, the artist will prepare a stencil (template) to apply the tattoo’s outline to your skin for their reference. You can then check the tattoo’s position on your body, and you will have the opportunity to see how the tattoo will look on you.

The right tattoo studio for your tattoo

Do you already have a tattoo artist in mind? Or has a friend recommended someone to you?

Then get in touch with them and see if the chemistry between you feels right. A tattoo is always a joint effort between you and the tattoo artist, but you have to love it in the end. That’s why you should be able to trust your tattoo artist absolutely in what they do.

To find the right studio and tattoo artist, you should first check out the artist’s work. If you like their tattoos and style, you can contact them and tell them your idea. Be sure to give them as much information as possible. You are certainly not their only client, and constant enquiries are time-consuming and exhausting.

If you are on the same wavelength with the tattoo artist and trust them, nothing will stand in the way of your dream tattoo, which you will surely enjoy for a long time.


Choosing a good tattoo is not always easy, nor should it be. A tattoo is a decision for life and should always be well thought out. It depends on the placement, the design and the choice of the right tattoo artist.

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