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The Best Tattoo Machines 2024: Top Picks for Tattoo Artists

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As a professional tattoo artist, you want to use the best tattoo machines to take your artistry to the next level. In recent years, the development of tattoo machines has really taken off once again and the machines now offer more options than ever before. Both wireless and wired tattoo machines allow for unprecedented possibilities.

In 2024, there is an impressive range of tattoo machines on the market, each offering unique features and possibilities. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best tattoo machines and tell you which machine is best suited to your needs so you can make an informed decision. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these machines are sure to enhance your tattooing experience and deliver outstanding results.

What’s the best tattoo machine 2024?

The best tattoo machine 2024 always depends on your individual needs and requirements. Of course, the latest and most expensive models, which not only have the latest technology and are wireless, but also have a lot of innovative ideas and features, are at the top of the list. All the tattoo machines in our article are excellent tools and can be used to create wonderful tattoos. When choosing the best machine, it all depends on what you need for your art, so we’ll give you the information you need to make your individual choice. And if you still can’t decide, our team will be happy to help you!

The Best Tattoo Machines of 2024

Let’s get to the exciting part, which tattoo machines will be the best and most popular in 2024? Here is our selection:

Critical Torque

The Critical Torque is a high-performance tattoo machine that puts most other machines in the shade. Once you’ve held it in your hand, you’ll know why you won’t want to give it up.

Critical’s first wireless tattoo machine has completely overrun the market and has quickly become the most innovative and popular machine. The powerful motor delivers unprecedented performance thanks to Precision Strike Technology. With a vibration damping solution, the machine is almost completely vibration-free and therefore allows the highest precision in every detail, no matter how small.

The Torque is wireless and comes with the powerful Critical V3 battery, which can handle any session, no matter how long. The large, colour LCD display with 1.5″ screen shows all the important information and 5 buttons control both the machine and the additional battery functions such as runtime, presets and connectivity. A footswitch can be connected via Bluetooth and the magnetic plug connection makes changing the battery child’s play.

Of course, Torque can also be operated with an RCA cable, simply attach the supplied adapter and you’re ready to go.

Everything has been thought of with this machine and the reliability and innovation clearly put this machine at the top of the best tattoo machines.

You can buy and view the Critical Torque in detail here.

Bishop Power WAND

The Power Wand is Bishop’s flagship product. Hardly anything needs to be said about this incredibly good next-generation tattoo machine. It was designed in cooperation with Critical Tattoo, one of the most renowned manufacturers for tattoo power supplies. The Power Wand combines the excellent tattooing features of the Bishop Wand with Critical Battery’s advanced tattoo battery technology.

The Bishop X Critical Wireless Battery can be easily connected to the machine, which weighs only 142 grams, via the magnetic back plate. Bye Bye RCA Connection!

The Bishop Power Wand was one of the most sought-after tattoo machines on the market shortly after its release and is still a bestseller. It is available with 3 different stroke settings: as a Shader (3.8 mm), Packer (4.2 mm) and as a Liner (5.0 mm).

One of the best tattoo machines on the market and guaranteed to be an absolute favourite and bestseller among wireless tattoo machines!

Here you can find the Bishop Power WAND at Barber DTS.

Cheyenne SOL NOVA Unlimited 3.5 & 4.0 & 5.0

Of course, Cheyenne also offers a wireless alternative to the conventional tattoo machines. The SOL NOVA Unlimited has the usual and appreciated quality that we are used to from Cheyenne and comes with two batteries included. This makes it theoretically possible to tattoo continuously while there is always one battery in the machine and one battery in the charging station.

The machine is controlled with only one button and intuitive movements (e.g. hold button + tilt machine). The SOL NOVA Unlimited can be used with the Ergo Round and Ergo One Inch disposable grips, which makes hygienic packaging particularly easy.

The SOL NOVA Unlimited 3.5 is available as an all-rounder machine with a 3.5 mm stroke, which is particularly suitable for shades and Black & Grey. For those who need a more powerful machine to realise lining work and colour packing, there is the SOL NOVA Unlimited 4.0 with 4.0 mm stroke. If you need even more power, there is the absolute beast (Cheyenne’s own nickname) with a 5.0 mm stroke, which can be used to create bold lines in one single stroke.

You can shop the Cheyenne SOL NOVA Unlimited machines here.

FK Irons Flux Max

The Spektra Flux Max is the consistent evolution of FK Irons for the wireless tattoo market. The machine benefits from years of expertise and the best technology from FK Irons in recent years. The next generation tattoo machine is powered by the redesigned PowerBolt II, which includes exciting new features such as a digital frequency display in Volts and Hz and a digital timer on the OLED display.

The Spektra Flux Max has an eGive that can be set to three different settings and automatically calibrates itself based on the cartridge used. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the machine can be connected to the FK Irons Killswitch and the Darklab app. Only 3 buttons are needed to operate the device intuitively via a touchpad on the PowerBolt II.

These machines are available in the colours gold and stealth and with preset stroke lengths of 3.2 mm, 4.0 mm and 4.5 mm.

You can find more details about the FK Irons Spektra Flux Max here.

acus M1 & M1 Plus

With the acus M1 and M1 Plus, you have full control. These innovative machines have been specially developed for tattoo artists who need a versatile machine and allow you to customise them to your needs like never before. What sets the wireless acus tattoo machines apart is their digital motor control, which is developed and programmed in-house. This allows the brushless Faulhaber motor to be customised via the software settings and offers both powerful and smooth performance at reduced speeds.

With the three interchangeable drive heads included (3.0 mm, 3.7 mm, 4.5 mm), the machine can be further customised in a few simple steps and offers a completely different tattooing experience. When it comes to hygiene, the acus machines outshine the competition. They can be completely dismantled, ensuring thorough cleanliness and a hygienic working environment.

With the M1 machines, you have full control over your tattooing process. The innovative spirit and customisability alone have made the acus tattoo machines truly one of the most advanced devices on the market.

Shop the acus M1 and the M1 Plus at Barber DTS.

FK Irons ONE

The FK Irons ONE is a wireless tattoo machine that combines exceptional performance with modern technology. It is powered by a rechargeable Panasonic NCR 18500A battery and offers up to 8 hours of performance. The operating voltage can be adjusted in 0.5V increments with easy-to-use buttons with a colour-coded LED voltage indicator while working.

The machine is made from high-quality aluminium and not only looks good with its matt anthracite finish and ruby red cap, but also delivers first-class performance. This makes the FK Irons ONE a tattoo machine for everyONE.

Here you can buy the FK Irons ONE with 3.0 mm or 4.0 mm stroke from Barber DTS.

Dragonhawk Fold Pro

The Dragonhawk Fold Pro is an excellent and economical wireless tattoo machine that offers tattoo artists all-round customisation options. The machine has seven different integrated stroke lengths from 2.4mm to 4.2mm, making it suitable for different tattoo styles, from PMU to linework and colour packing. In addition, the Fold Pro can be powered by a cable or a powerful 1500mAh battery and lasts 4-6 hours on a single charge in a 4-12V operating range.

The machine also has an LED display with three buttons, which the artist can use to control it directly and which shows the battery status, voltage and running time. With a weight of approx. 200 g (including battery and RCA connection) and an ergonomic design, the Fold Pro is well balanced a