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The Most Popular Tattoos for Men in 2022

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Long gone are the days when tattoos were just for sailors or prisoners. Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and there are more and more people who have them. But where do they get tattoos? What are the tattoo trends for men in 2022? And is there a best tattoo for men?

With thousands of tattoo studios across Europe, it is all too easy to turn all of your ideas into ink. It can’t be said enough, but you should think very carefully before getting a tattoo as it can’t be undone. There are millions of tattoos on social media, some of which are real works of art that can give you some ideas for choosing a tattoo, Along with the go-to current styles that have been around for a while, over the years we have seen new trends, motifs and styles gain popularity.

Go-to tattoos for men

The most standard tattoo style, which is still fashionable after all these years, is the old school style. With its simple motifs comprised of thick lines and a few bold colours, this tremendously visible, traditional American style remains a trend for making a masculine statement. Many tattoo artists performing this style also don one themselves. The designs have been reworked and adapted over time, especially as new colours and new tech are introduced. Rather than the smaller traditional tattoos of previous years, you can now easily sport a larger traditional tattoo on a larger area, say your back for example.

Asian-inspired tattoos also continue to feature among the star-pieces showcased at the most prestigious tattoo conventions. With their backgrounds symbolising water or air, these tattoos are often large and cover whole parts of the body. Some people venture into a lifelong project, tattooing their whole body using the best artists.

A few decades ago, the Polynesians rediscovered part of their culture that they had had to abandon some centuries ago, in which tattoos played an important role. Primarily aimed at tourists, the style has increased in popularity since the end of the twentieth century thanks to celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With their diverse range of designs, tribal tattoos are some of the most popular today. Its traditional motifs represent the life and values of the individual and their family. It can be adapted to every part of the body, to all sizes and can even blend different motif backgrounds or combine them with other styles.

In recent years, Viking-style tattoos have become fashionable among men, mainly due to the popularity of new television series. Most of these designs are inspired by the numerous motifs found in Norse mythology.     

The manual hand-poke method has also seen a rise in success over the last few years. It allows you to create superb designs using thousands of dots of black ink. Depending on how densely packed the points are, the shades of grey can be varied. Large designs, often geometric patterns, lend themselves well to this method.

Finally, a growing trend among some men are minimalist tattoos. These mostly involve using lines to depict simple, often comical, motifs, like a sketch on the skin.

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