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A female with delicate with delicate tattoos on her arm and back

The Most Popular Tattoos for Women in 2022

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Did you know that in a lot of countries across the world nowadays, more women have tattoos than men? While some styles are loved just as much by men as by women, there are certain designs which women are typically more attracted to. So what will the tattoo trends for women be in 2022? Here is a brief summary.

It was during the early 1990s that tattoos started to gain popularity for purely aesthetic reasons, rather than representing anything else in particular. Women, who until then had been more reticent than men, started to visit tattoo parlours. Over the years, there has been an increase in demand. In addition to discreet tattoos, which can easily be hidden, it is becoming more and more common for women to opt for large designs covering a whole arm or a leg, or smaller ones on the forearm or the upper chest. While some trends like low-key ornamental tattoos stand the test of time, every year sees the emergence of new ones. There are tattoos to suit all tastes, and this is demonstrated every year on social media. And this will still be the case in 2022.

Low-key tattoos

A letter behind the ear, a few thin lines on the foot, a small design on the side, just a few centimetres squared. Arriving on the scene a few years ago, low-key tattoos, without colour and with little detail, are widely requested by women. In 2022, this is still likely to be the case, just like the small Korean-inspired colour tattoos, or small very detailed tattoos in black and grey. The question remains as to how they will age.

Ornamental tattoos

Coloured gems, flowers, lacework, chandeliers, these 100% feminine patterns still have many happy days ahead of them. They can be seen everywhere, on arms, hips and chests.

Some women also choose to have small subtle Polynesian pieces, to highlight their curves.

Others prefer dotwork style tattoos in the form of geometric motifs, with multiple focal points.  They are often not performed by machine, with hand-poking becoming increasingly common.